Untapped Talent

Those with autism continue to prove to be valuable employees in the right position with proper training. This autism-ready approach is easier said than done, but we are doing it.

Our research-based employment model successfully prepares both the company and the candidate. This collaboration results in having the right person in the right job, and a great return on investment for the company.

Preparing the Company

We are driven to help companies enjoy the benefits of employing this ready, willing, and able workforce. Using well-thought-out and proven strategies, we bridge the gap between good intentions and the need to take care of business.


Create an autism-ready guidebook

Educate and prepare staff

On-site support as jobs progress


Create an autism-ready environment

Create universally designed standard work

Recruit talent that best match job skills


Custom training for each position

Written, visual, and video supports

Review productivity and integration

Working With

Hart Schaffner Marx
Oliver Wyman
G&W Electric

“The program at Hart Schaffner Marx has extended the boundaries of neurodiversity employment. The approaches and techniques developed by David Geslak and his team have the potential to positively impact a much larger and broader population of neurodiverse individuals. In this work lies the possibility of moving from thousands to millions of neurodiverse employees.

robert d. austin
Professor, Ivey Business School
Co-author of “Neurodiversity at a Competitive Advantage”
(Harvard Business Review, 2017)

Supported in Research by

Ivey Business School
University of Wisconsin
University of Illinois

Dedicated Employees, Inspired Co-Workers, & Companies that Make a Difference

Hart Schaffner Marx
Jordan's Story
Jordan is a Swatch Specialist. When customers request suit styles, Jordan enters the request into a database, packages the order, and ships it to customers all over the world.
Hart Schaffner Marx
Marice's Story
Marice is an Expediter and the final person of the six person team to process information of a custom suit order. After she enters all the data, she brings the order to Production and the suit is made.
Hart Schaffner Marx
Max's Story
Max is a videographer and has created video-models to help his peers with autism understand and successfully complete their daily job tasks.
Mariano's Fresh Market
Anthony's Story
Anthony is the last part of the customer service experience. He greets everyone with a smile, bagged their groceries and even helped customers to the car.
Exercise Connection
Rachel's Story
At first Rachel didn't want to exercise but in quickly she recognized the benefits. Rachel has now spoken across the US about the benefits of exercise to the autism community and shares her personal journey with autism.
Exercise Connection
Noel's Story
Noel builds Visual Exercise System’s that help professionals teach exercise to individuals with autism. Noel, who is non-verbal, follows a visual schedule to successfully complete each System.
Hart Schaffner Marx
Jeff's Story
Jeff is an I.T. Specialist. Jeff is responsible for software and hardware audits, as well as, daily issues that may occur to software equipment.
Hart Schaffner Marx
Andy's Story
Andy is a Stock Associate. Andy works in the Distribution Center with a team of seven. He prepares boxes that has expedited the shipping process and also packages the Made-to-Measure garments for HSM.
Hart Schaffner Marx
Erron's Story
Erron is a Cycle Counter in the Distribution Center (DC). His attention to detail and organizational strengths has helped the DC reduce their inventory days from three to one.

Preparing the Candidate

Virtual Employment Prep Program*

6 hours virtual instruction; 3-6 hours independent work

Job Exploration

Make informed decisions and search for jobs that best meet your interests and skill-set.

Create an Employment Ready Portfolio

Learn how to successfully use this resource during an interview.

Receive Individualized Feedback

1:2 instructor to participant ratio.

Virtual Mock Interview with a HR Professional

Candidates receive evaluation on interview skills and resume.

Certificate of Completion

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the program.

Answer interview questions with confidence and present the best you.

This virtual program is built on our first-hand experience observing over a hundred interviews with neurodiverse applicants at a variety of companies. Our insight will prepare participants with a customized employment-ready portfolio and teach them how to successfully use it during an interview. Participants will virtually work with our staff to complete a variety of application and interview protocols.

During the virtual mock interview with an HR professional, participants will apply their new knowledge and tools to confidently interview. Individualized feedback and overall performance reviews will be provided at the end of the program. In addition, participants will be added to our Autism Workforce national employment database and receive recommendations about potential job opportunities.


• 18+ years old • Verbal Communication Skills  • Volunteer, Internship, or Work Experience • Access to Computer or Laptop and Printer  • Ability to Email and Download Files  • Access to Phone and Video Conference 
To register, email amy@autismworkforce.com
* When social distancing reduces, the option for the in-person program will resume.

Meet The Staff

David Geslak

David Geslak, BS, ACSM EP-C, CSCS

Founder and President

David pioneered exercise for the autism community. As his students entered adulthood, he recognized their critical need for meaningful employment. David expanded his mission to provide the training and resources needed to create successful employment for both individuals and companies.

Amber Pantaleo

Amber Pantaleo, LBS1

Director of Development

Amber’s experience as a special education teacher helps to improve all aspects of Autism Workforce (AW). She creates Standard Work for jobs, assists in candidate job placement, and teaching the Employment Prep. Program, as well as, developed the protocols to improve operations for AW.

Keith Coffindaffer

Keith Coffindaffer

Workforce Coordinator

Keith has been working with those with autism in their homes, recreation settings, and on-the-job for over 10 years. He created Standard Work, assists in successful candidate job placement, and his degree in graphic design enables him to contribute to the development and communication of Autism Workforce.

Amy Willer

Ben Schatzel

Employment Coordinator

Ben's degree in applied behavioral science, and experience as a behavioral technician, allows him to understand how individuals learn best so that he can recruit them for jobs that fit their skillset. By using these best practice teaching methods, and leveraging his years of experience, Ben is driven to create successful employment opportunities for those with autism.

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