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Productive Members of Society & Loyal Employees

Hart Schaffner Marx

Jordan’s Story

Jordan is a Swatch Specialist. When customers request suit styles, Jordan enters the request into a database, packages the order, and ships it to customers all over the world.
Hart Schaffner Marx

Marice’s Story

Marice is an Expediter and the final person of the six person team to process information of a custom suit order. After she enters all the data, she brings the order to Production and the suit is made.
Hart Schaffner Marx

Max’s Story

Max is a videographer and has created video-models to help his peers with autism understand and successfully complete their daily job tasks.

 Anthony’s Story

Anthony is the last part of the customer service experience. He greets everyone with a smile, bagged their groceries and even helped customers to the car.
Exercise Connection

Rachel’s Story

At first Rachel didn’t want to exercise but in quickly she recognized the benefits. Rachel has now spoken across the US about the benefits of exercise to the autism community and shares her personal journey with autism.
Exercise Connection

Noel’s Story

Noel builds Visual Exercise System’s that help professionals teach exercise to individuals with autism. Noel, who is non-verbal, follows a visual schedule to successfully complete each System.
Hart Schaffner Marx

Jeff’s Story

Jeff is an I.T. Specialist. Jeff is responsible for software and hardware audits, as well as, daily issues that may occur to software equipment.
Hart Schaffner Marx

 Andy’s Story

Andy is a Stock Associate. Andy works in the Distribution Center with a team of seven. He prepares boxes that has expedited the shipping process and also packages the Made-to-Measure garments for HSM.
Hart Schaffner Marx

 Erron’s Story

Erron is a Cycle Counter in the Distribution Center (DC). His attention to detail and organizational strengths has helped the DC reduce their inventory days from three to one.