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What Autism Workforce Can Do for You

In an environment where companies struggle to hire and retain loyal and productive employees, hiring people with autism is proving to be an effective workforce solution. Our research-supported autism employment model prepares both the company and the neurodiverse employee for success. This results in a dramatic decrease in high turnover positions, improved productivity, and a dedication to social impact, providing a great return on investment.

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Problems We Help Companies Solve

  • Workforce challenges in entry level positions or laborious repetitive tasks
  • High turnover and/or the high cost of temp. agencies
  • Low productivity or loss of customers because their needs can’t be met
  • Highly skilled workforce performing entry level job tasks to meet productivity
  • Fulfilling a social impact initiative

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Who We Are

A team of professionals who understand business, autism employment, and how to align strengths with opportunity.

Our People-Keith

Our People

An experienced team in business, manufacturing, research design, and special education, we strategically align autism ready® protocols with a company’s standard operating procedures. This results in a great return on investment.

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Our Mission…Our Success

We empower companies to celebrate the benefits of employing this ready, willing, and able workforce. Using well-thought-out and proven strategies, we bridge the gap between good intentions and the need to take care of business.

Our Autism Ready® Process


1. Autism Ready Assessment

  • Meet with HR to understand hiring pain points
  • Identify appropriate jobs with departments heads
  • Build a skill assessment to hire for each job

2. Workplace & Job Preparation

  • Create universally-designed standard work (e.g. visuals, lean strategies…)
  • Understand productivity metrics
  • Staff training & enlightenment for hiring people with autism

3. Onboard New Talent

  • Adapt the hiring process
  • Monitor new hire productivity and integration
  • On-site/virtual support as jobs progress

Supported in Research by

Different Departments, Same Results.

We work with companies in wide-ranging industries from financial to manufacturing. The Autism Workforce employment model is not department-limited. We have prepared companies to successfully hire and retain employees in the following areas:


Production Lines


Special Orders


Information Technology




Distribution Center

support (1)

Customer Service

production (1)

Cycle Counting


Actuarial Consulting

Why Partner With Us?

When hiring this workforce for repetitive tasks or entry-level jobs, we have shown increases in productivity and a decrease in employee turnover. The Autism Workforce employment model helps companies grow and compete by hiring people with autism as a creative workforce solution, in addition to fulfilling a social impact initiative.

Leveraging our experience of actually working with neurodivergent individuals, we are extending the boundaries of neurodiversity employment. We have helped companies hire people with autism in IT, customer service, distribution centers and production lines. We are autism employment experts who understand business, with the research to support it.

Most of your employees and customers have or know someone with autism. When properly designed, you can make a lasting impact within your community, staff, and customers. It’s more than good intentions and doing the right thing — it’s smart business.

Autism Workforce included in $16.7 million grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration.

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