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The Autism Workforce® Model

An effective autism hiring program involves aligning autism ready® protocols with a company’s standard operating procedures. By implementing our 5-step research-supported employment model, companies are prepared to hire, train, and work with a neurodiverse workforce.

Collaboratively, the company and AW will identify entry-level, repetitive job(s) that support the needs of the business. AW conducts a job analysis to create or adapt “standard work,” and job aids embedded with evidence-based practices, making the job autism ready®. This promotes universal design and success for a neurodiverse workforce.

Following a company’s standard hiring procedures, AW will work with hiring teams to adapt their process by making it autism ready. This involves retrofitting the traditional interview to include a Pre-Interview Tour and Skill Assessment, which results in hiring the best candidate for the job.

AW implements specialized training and coaching sessions to best prepare managers & co-workers to successfully interview, onboard, and work with a neurodiverse workforce.

AW supports both the employer and new employee to ensure both parties have success. AW strategically structures onboarding so that the company gradually takes ownership of training and integrating their new neurodiverse employee(s).

AW supports both the company and new hires during a 30-, 60-, 90-day review process. Autism Ready® support includes assessment of productivity, integration, virtual coaching, and, if needed, custom solutions to retain their neurodiverse workforce.

The Autism Workforce model helps companies compete and grow as employing a neurodiverse workforce is proving to be a viable solution to workforce challenges.

• Loyal & Dedicated Workforce • Reduced Turnover • Increased Productivity • Enhanced Corporate Culture • Profound Social Impact

50,000 Students on the autism spectrum
enter the workforce each year.

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