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Hello Job Seekers and Family Members,

The Autism Workforce Team is working diligently to provide more employment opportunities across the United States. Our research-supported employment model prepares companies to successfully hire and retain an inclusive workforce.  

We recognize many of you are ready, willing, and able to have a job right now. If you would like to be included in our Autism Workforce talent database, please fill out and submit the form below. 

Signing up for our talent database does not guarantee a job. However, if we find a paying position that meets your skill set, we will contact you to see if you are interested. Also, your information will never be shared or sold. If we find opportunities through autism employment affiliates we work with, we will contact you before we share any of your information with them. 

We understand that many of you have had challenging employment journeys. You are an asset to the workplace and deserve opportunities for meaningful, paid employment. Together, we are extending the boundaries of neurodiversity employment. As you keep moving forward independently, know that we are on your side.

Yours in Health,

David, Amber, Keith & Ben

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