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Our Mission

We empower companies to celebrate the benefits of employing this ready, willing, and able workforce. Using well-thought-out and proven strategies, we bridge the gap between good intentions and the need to take care of business.

Our People

David Geslak, BS, ACSM EP-C, CSCS
Founder and President

David pioneered exercise for the autism community. As his students entered adulthood, he recognized their critical need for meaningful employment. David expanded his mission to provide the training and resources needed to create successful employment for both individuals and companies.

Amber Pantaleo, LBS1
Director of Development

Amber’s experience as a special education teacher helps to improve all aspects of Autism Workforce (AW). She creates Standard Work for jobs, assists in candidate job placement, and teaching the Employment Prep. Program, as well as, developed the protocols to improve operations for AW.

Keith Coffindaffer
Workforce Coordinator

Keith has been working with those with autism in their homes, recreation settings, and on-the-job for over 10 years. He created Standard Work, assists in successful candidate job placement, and his degree in graphic design enables him to contribute to the development and communication of Autism Workforce.

Ben Schatzel
Employment Coordinator

Ben's degree in applied behavioral science, and experience as a behavioral technician, allows him to understand how individuals learn best so that he can recruit them for jobs that fit their skillset. By using these best practice teaching methods, and leveraging his years of experience, Ben is driven to create successful employment opportunities for those with autism.